Elder Salon 03/25/2010

Hi, All,
Very successful event in my opinion. Thanks to all your support and efforts!
We had about 40 people and could "just" fit them in a circle. Could encompass a few more in that space. Lots of enthusiasm expressed.

3 in their 40's
7 in their 50's
12 in their 60's
10 in their 70's
4 in their 80's
(Some didn't get counted)

12 live alone
9 live with their partner
1 is in senior housing
12 live with family or friends
5 live in cohousing

(No other arrangements noted. Possibly not allocated accurately.)

Four dots were issued to each participant, with two to go on favorite topic, and then one each on two others. Since 93 dots were counted and probably 160 issued, not everyone bothered.

Topics of interest to the group:

Elder Insurgency/The Longevity Revolution/power of demographics/Legacy of our generation(s)/Roles and Responsibilities of Elders/Purpose & Meaning -- "giving back"/Transition Contributions/Responsibilities to Society & Planet:

These all have some common threads from one to another. Individually they received a maximum of 19 (for Elder Insurgency (Longevity Revolution — a coalition to embody generosity and justice), ideas mined from Theodor Roszak’s The Making of an Elder Culture.

In aggregate there were 48 dot "votes" for the above topics

Consciousness & Spiritual aspects/Life-threatening illness as a Rite of Passage/Caring for each other:

20 dot "votes"

Medical/Health/End-of-Life Issues/Right to Die:

14 dot "votes"

Companionship, Relationship & Sex/Living Situations/:
11 dot "votes"


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