Heart & Soul Group

The Heart and Soul group is concerned with the psychological, spiritual and emotional well being and resiliency of the individual and the community as we grapple with the changes in the world. We hold a variety of events and workshops as well as one regular monthly event (Heartsing) which isopen to everyone. We have s smaller core group that meets irregularly to plan and coordinate Heart and Soul activities. This meeting is by invitation.

If you would like to find out more, or help with the Heart and Soul group in any way, you can contact Julia at julfire@yahoo.com

The “Heart & Soul” component is a key part of the Transition Town model. Some also refer to it as the “psychology of change,” although it is more than  just that.

As Transition is about creating a positive vision for the future while adjusting to a post-carbon world, an important aspect of that process is to provide for psychological and spiritual support for community members as they come to terms with changes that can often be overwhelming. Supporting each other through these changes is a vital part of community resilience. The Heart & Soul group is about addressing these needs of the community.

Within this general framework, there are many aspects and directions the group can take. Exploring these possibilities, and developing a healthy support system for our community is the fundamental task of  the Heart & Soul group. It is up to us to develop the group in a way  that works best for the greater Sebastopol area.

The Heart & Soul group emerged out of our Community Mapping Events and had it's first meeting in April. If who'd like to get involved you can contact connect@transitionsebastopol.org and subscribe to the H&S announcement list below.

Mission Statement:
Nurturing Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Resilience
The purpose of the Heart and Soul group is to encourage ways to support individuals and the community as we experience the challenges of our changing world. We seek to facilitate and offer an inclusive spiritual hub based on sustainable values. Responding to the need for the human heart and soul to be nourished and cared for, we offer and invite a variety of creative expressions, reflections, meditations, discussions and more.




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Anyone who has attended at least one group meeting can also opt to be added to the group's discussion list.


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