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The ”Local Food” component is a key part of the Transition Town model. As Transition is about creating a positive vision for the future while adjusting to a post-carbon world, an important aspect of that process is to strengthen our ability to provide the majority of food for our community within our bioregion. Being able to provide more of our food from local sources rather than relying on groceries trucked from distant places could give us a sense of food security, superior food health and would be part of building a more self-reliant and resilient community.

This group’s purpose is to encourage conversation, education, hands-on skill-sharing, meetings, events and celebrations related to local food issues especially in the context of the global situations of peak oil, climate change and economic instability. Within this general framework, there are many aspects to address. A few sub-groups might emerge to focus on different food issues. It is up to us to develop the group or groups in a way that works best for the greater Sebastopol area.

The Food Group grew out of our Community Mapping Events and had it's first meeting in April. To facilitate communication among list members, we have set up a Google Discussion list for this group. You can sign up below to join the list.


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Check out some of the local food resources we are gathering here.
(and contact web@transitionsebastopol.org for additions!)

Local Food Directory: F.E.A.S.T.

F.E.A.S.T. stands for Food Education Advancing Sebastopol in Transition.

This group is open and meets irregularly to plan food related events and learn about preparations and other food related information.

To get involved, contact: Angel Rodriguez wegreenyou@yahoo.com

Mission Statement:
The mission of FEAST is to create a guide to local food resources which helps promote community resilience by fostering strong connections from local farms to local tables. We increase awareness of the real costs and risks of the current global food system and encourage sustainable food production that is far less dependent on fossil fuels.


  • Foster a resilient local food system based on deep ecological principals and a more connected populace.
  • Educate the public about the health and sustainability benefits of transitioning to a local, organic, and meat reduced diet.
  • Increase awareness of models of innovative bio-intensive agriculture that are far less dependent on fossil fuels, petroleum-based fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides.
  • Promote reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through curtailing long-distance shipping and processing costs.
  • Increase support for CSAs and farmers’ markets.
  • Strengthen connections among local farms, food producers, restaurants, caterers, institutions, and the public.
  • Increase awareness among growers of essential foods currently under-produced in local area.
  • Create an on-line tool to facilitate sharing excess produce within neighborhoods.


Fresh Food from the Farm!

Nothing could be better than food straight from a local farm!

We're lucky to have not only a number of weekly famers market in our area, but also a host of farms that run Community Supported Agriculture programs, allowing you to subscribe to your weekly harvest of farm-fresh vegetables! Check out the links to find out more!

Sonoma County Farmers Markets

Community Supported Agriculture Farms (CSAs):


You might also be intrested in the Sonoma County Farm Trails publication, which you can order or download here.

Local Meat

Felton Acres - Fresh, West Sonoma County, Pasture-Fed Chicken. Available for pickup at the farm. They provide processing services free of charge so you will receive a whole fresh, plucked bird ready to cook. Meat products: chicken

Silva Star Farms - This is small start-up sustainable agriculture farm located three miles west of downtown Sebastopol. What once was a typical Sonoma county mono-culture apple orchard is now a poly-culture farm. Meat products: chicken, pork, lamb

Sonoma County Meat Buyers Club - The University of California Cooperative Extension in Sonoma County is partnering with local meat producers to begin a program that will allow you to have a variety of locally grown meats delivered right to a central pick-up point. Meat Products: chicken, beef, pork, and lamb, plus much more...

We're working on gathering local resources on organic meat - let us know if you have some to add! Contact web@transitionsebastopol.org or post a comment below!

Sustainable Chickens

Did you know... that it's perfectly legal to keep up to 10 chickens (NO roosters!) in your backyard within Sebastopol city limits?! Excellent, isn't it? (see excerpt from the municipal code for details below).

We thought we'd share a few resources we've come across and hope that you'll let us know about others you like!

Great locally-created website about sustainable chickens as well as innovations for the sustainable chicken enthusiast (created by graduates of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy): http://www.sustainablechicken.com/

Local Chicken Chat Yahoo list - great folks, great resources: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/chickenchatcoop/

Locally (Petaluma) hatched organic chicks & pullets -http://www.ranchhaghens.com/

Local feed stores selling chicks (usually starting in Spring) and chicken food (along with other farm/pet supplies):

Please share your resources and so we can make additions to this list! Contact web@transitionsebastopol.org or post a comment below!

Share the Harvest!

It's HARVEST TIME and as the fruit and vegetables ripen, many of us find ourselves with an overabundance of one but a need, or desire for another crop...

There are a couple of promising resources out there that have a lot of potential if they get actively used!

http://veggietrader.com/ sometimes there are also postings on Freecycle:

Sebastopol Community Garden Plots Available

In 2009, a number of community garden plots at Sebastopol’s Skategarden Park became available.

We don't know on what basis they become available but for more information, contact Rebecca Mansour in the City of Sebastopol Planning Department, 823-6167.

And you can learn more about the Community Garden and Skate Park here:

A pdf (1.2MB) of the Community Garden and planting notes is linked below (some details may have changed; map status 2007)


Food Map Resources

Thanks to the help of wonderful volunteers, we've transcribed the extensive notes made by all of YOU at our Community Mapping events in 2009 on the wall maps. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but a wonderful start! If you were unable to make it, or have additional resources to add, feel free to add a comment to this post (you need to create an account to comment).

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