About the Transition Sebastopol Working Group Council

The Transition Sebastopol Working Group Council, or WGC, is made up of a representative from each working group in Transition Sebastopol (TS). The council meets regularly to decide on pertinent issues brought forth by various working groups or community interests, to clarify the TS constitution, to create policies and procedures as needed, to determine the evolving role of TS in the community and to make sure the administration of TS is running effectively.

The WCG would like to make sure the wider transition community knows that all working group council meetings have an open door policy. People who would like to attend a meeting may do so, in order to listen and witness our discussions on transition issues and decisions. Please see our calendar of events for upcoming meeting dates.

Although attendees do not have a vote in decisions, they are allowed one 2-minute platform to speak their thoughts regarding an issue. Transition members can go to the Transition Sebastopol website to see the meeting times and dates. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please email the working group council at ts-wgc@googlegroups.com

The TS Working Group Council is also pleased to announce that our meeting notes are now open to the public for viewing! Please see this link (goes to Google docs) for the minutes from the WGC meetings. In addition, you may write to the WGC to request items of interest to be added to our agenda. We will review these requests, and once approved they will appear on the agenda of the next meeting scheduled.

Thanks for all your support!

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