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350 Home and Garden Challenge Sebastopol Community Event

May 12 2012 9:30 am
May 12 2012 12:30 pm

350 Home and Garden Challenge Sebastopol Community Event-
Transition Sebastopol with Daily Acts and the Ceres Community Project

Ceres Community Garden
1005 North Gravenstein Hwy ( behind O'Reilly Media)


Across Sonoma County May 12th & 13th, thousands will be uniting to grow food, save water, conserve energy and build community as a part the 350 Home & Garden Challenge. Join the West County community and install a habitat border at the Ceres garden .The Ceres Project serves nourishing meals to individuals with life threatening diseases while providing food, healing and wellness education to the larger community.

  • Sheet Mulch Demo and Install
  • Drip Irrigation Primer
  • Basics of creating habitat in your garden
  • Bring your extra seeds and plants for a community plant swap!

In vibrant togetherness, let's grow our relationships and skills for a resilient community!

For more 350 Home & Garden Challenge action ideas, educational resources, local business incentives and registration, please visit:
For more information about the day contact Sara at

TS Movie "Save the Farm" and Potluck at the Grange!

May 30 2012 6:15 am

Transition Sebastopol and the Sebastopol Grange cordially invite you to join us for the screening of Save the Farm Wednesday May 30th.

Potluck at 6:30.
Movie at 7:15.
Please stay with us for our discussion following the movie!

"Save the Farm tells the story of the largest urban farm in the United States, 14 acres sitting right in the middle of South Central Los Angeles. For 14 years over 350 families had cultivated this farm, feeding themselves and thousands in their community local organic food. When the city sells it in a closed-door meeting, activists celebreties stage an 11th hour tree sit to save the farm. As the five- year anniversary of the eviction approaches, director MIchael Kuehnert demonstrates how a local community can come together to save a farm that they have come to depend on for their survival."

Please bring something yummy to share for the potluck, and please stay for the conversation following! Our conversations are always lively and informative!

Date & Time: Wed May 30th 6:30/7:15
The Sebastopol Grange
6000 Sebastopol Rd (Hwy 12) u

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Resilient Living Gift Circle

May 14 2012 6:30 pm
May 14 2012 9:00 pm

We are pleased to announce our next resilience event, our group for creating alternative economic transactions and real ongoing mutual support for us in building resilience and community abundance! This is a fully participatory group.

The “gift circle” is the core of the evening, with the intention to include ways of creating a "Resilience Network" as we evolve.  This means that this regular meeting will be a place where we can offer what skills we have to share, what we are doing to make ourselves more healthy and happy, emergency preparedness support, gardening and food help, energy sourcing, music and art sharing, and heck, who knows, maybe even barn raising! This group will be what we make it.

This next circle invites you to come from 6:30 to 7:15 for the "gift table"; food/treat sharing table and socializing.  The gift table is a place to bring something of yours that is useful or of value that you no longer need. We give and receive from the table our items.  The food/treat sharing is for simple snacks or yummy treats and drinks. If you don’t want to participate in that, feel free to just come to the gift circle at 7:15

Short Introductory Presentation of The Model of Transition for Sustainable Living Course

Apr 28 2012 9:00 am
Apr 28 2012 11:00 am

with Angel Rodriguez

Location: St. Stephens Parish Hall, 500 Robinson Road, Sebastopol ca 95472

About the Program:
The Model of Transition for Sustainable Living Course (MTSL) program consists of twelve monthly and seasonal modules.

Together they will provide an overall perspective on current thinking, as well as teach practical skills and appropriate technologies for everyday sustainable living. Participants may take single classes, or apply for acceptance into the yearlong program.

The mission of the yearlong program is to empower you to act; to transition you from wherever you are today, to a lifestyle that is highly sustainable, within the one-year time period of the course.

Therefore, the program consists of 20% theory and 80% practical application. This course is designed for making real changes in your lifestyle. It is filled with activities that will be implemented by you, with the support of its community and trainers!

The MTSL program will offer personal and home evaluations, private coaching, group fitness classes, and weekly teleconferences. You will receive a Workbook, a Reader, a Resource Directory, a Journal, and a series of Visual Aides. Moreover, the program works in concert with local participating businesses that provide additional community support and benefits.
The course, if completed, will:

• transform your personal habits
• lower your carbon emissions
• save you money on utilities
• reduce your demand on resources
• assist you in becoming more socially responsible
• help you to become a steward of the environment
• establish personal and community resilience

Skill Share and Trade Fair at The Grange

May 15 2012 6:30 pm
May 15 2012 9:00 pm

The Sebastopol Grange in partnership with Transition Sebastopol presents:
Skill Share and Trade Fair at The Grange

Trade Fair: 

All are welcome to bring their handmade items to sell or barter.
Set up between 6-6:30 pm. Items related to handmade paper are strongly encouraged!

$10-$20 donation requested for admission
For more information visit our website or email Rachel Adair Dawson at

Papermaking:  Ancient Craft ~ Contemporary Wisdom ~ Playful Medium
with Meryl Juniper

All Levels….Children welcome 8 and under accompanied by an adult. In this exploration of paper-making from scratch we will delight in the many aspects of this ancient craft. We will cook and beat fibers, use cambium fibers form Asia and explore combinations of recycled fibers, ancient and contemporary sheet formations techniques, wet collage and express our creativity within this extensive tactile medium, plan to get wet and swim in the fibers of this experience.

Meryl Juniper is a visual and performing artist, community arts activist/advocate and the prime instigator of collective multi-media art experiences, dance theater projects and large scale ceramic installation pieces. Her 30 years of experience in arts education allows Meryl to delicately encourage the full spectrum of human expression to come forth, supporting the virtues and wisdoms that dwell within the expressive arts experience. She brings a core of experience from her trainings in the somatic arts, ethnic, modern and classical dance, Contact Improvisation, Motion Theater, vocal improvisation, text and a lifetime immersed in visual arts and earth based mediums such as ceramics and gardening. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute. Meryl teaches and performs locally as she promotes the safety of diving deep into the soul of creative expression.

Dinner and a Movie Night! - "American Meat"

Apr 25 2012 6:00 pm
Apr 25 2012 9:30 pm

Come eat with us and watch the film American Meat featuring Joel Salatin.

Joining us for the conversation afterwards will be some folks from local meat CSA's Felton Acres Farms and Victorian Farmstead. Our discussions are lively and informative, and we hope you stay to lend your voice.

Pricing: Audience members attend by donation -- no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  It's $10 for dinner, desert and wine are a bit extra. 

Where:  The Sebastopol Grange, 6000 Sebastopol Rd (Hwy 12)

When: dinner served at 6 pm, movie at 7:15 pm

About the Film:

American Meat is a solutions-oriented macroscopic documentary surveying the current state of the U.S. meat industry. Featuring, Joel Salatin, Chuck Wirtz, Fred Kirschenmann Steve Ells, Paul Willis, and tens of farmers across America, this film takes an even-handed look at animal husbandry.

The filmmakers explain how America arrived at our current industrial system, and show you the feedlots and confinement houses, not through hidden cameras but through the eyes of the farmers who live and work there. From there, they introduce the current revolution developing in animal husbandry, led by the charismatic and passionate Joel Salatin.

Meet farmers from across the country who have changed their life to start grass-based farms, and they highlight every day tangible solutions that people can take, to change agriculture in America.

Read more about this movie here.

TS Movie Night - "The World According to Monsanto" (note location change)

Jan 25 2012 7:00 pm

Please join Transition Sebastopol for our monthly Movie Night!

NOTE VENUE CHANGE: This event will take place at the SEBASTOPOL GRANGE (not the French Garden)

FREE EVENT/optional discussion following the screening

~donations appreciated to suport our work ~

With special guests:

Paul Kaiser from Singing Frogs Farm

Michael Leras, dairyman, food sovereignty activist, and rep from Sonoma Label GMOs

MONSONTO is the worlds leader in genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This 100 year old empire has created some of the most toxic products ever sold, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and the herbicide AGENT ORANGE. 

This never before told story of misleading reports, collusion, pressure tactics and attempts at corruption, makes up the history of this global corporation. Behind its clean green image, MONSONTO is now tightening its grasp on the world seed market, striving to for market domination resulting in a detriment to food security and the global environment.


When: Wednesday, January 25, 7- 9 p.m.

Sebastopol Grange Hall on Hwy 12

For more information:

~donations appreciated
to suport our work ~


Transition Movie Night: DIVE!

Sep 28 2011 7:00 pm

When: Wednesday, September 28, 7- 9 p.m.

Please join Transition Sebastopol for our screening of the film DIVE!- a humorous and informative about food waste in America. (this film was originally slated to be shown last month, but was postponed due to technical difficulties.)

Joining us for our discussion following the movie will be Paul Kaiser- local food activist and director/farmer at Singing Frogs Farm, Jaques Ropert of the Dumpster Dive Network, and a rep from the Redwood Empire Food Bank. All of these community members are actively involved in local food security on a grassroots level. We hope you come to add your voice, and find out how YOU can plug in to our efforts to relocalize!

About the Movie:
"Inspirired by a curiosity about our country's careless habit of sending food straight to the landfill, the multi-award winning documentary DIVE! followsJeremy Selfert and his friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys, and gated garbage recepicals of LA's supermarkets. In the process they salvage thousands of dollars worth of good, edible food- resulting in an inspiring documentary that is equal parts entertainment, guerilla journalism, and a call to action."

Dive! Trailer.

Please stay with us after the movie, and lend your voice to our lively and interesting discussion directly following the movie.
See you there! 

~donations appreciated~

Come early and enjoy dinner!

The French Garden Restaurant
8050 Bodega Avenue, Sebastopol
Google map:


Transition US presents: Exploring The Ingredients For Transition w/ Rob Hopkins

Sep 12 2011 8:00 am
Sep 12 2011 9:00 am


Informative, inspiring and engaging events like this one are made possible through donations from those who benefit most ... people like you.  We just want to thank you advance for your support.  The suggested donation for this event is $10 but we are grateful for any amount, larger or smaller.


Join us for an insightful conversation with Rob Hopkins, author, Permaculturist and founder of the Transition Towns Movement.

In this conversation we will be asking Rob to go more deeply into the "ingredients of Transition" as well as answering questions supplied by participants. Transition US board member, author and visionary Vicki Robin will be the host for this call.

In July our call with Rob, hosted by Richard Heinberg has been listened to by well over 1,000 people in just a few short weeks. If you have not heard that yet - listen to a recording of our last call with Rob here >> 


Transition Style!

Aug 21 2011 3:00 pm

TICKETS for TRANSITION STYLE can be purchased at the door or in advance at FUNK & FLASH, 228 So. Main, Sebastopol; donation $10 - $20 to benefit Transition Sebastopol. Event begins at 3 pm (for audience) and Transition Sebastopol FEAST group will be serving delicious locally-sourced food that day, with separate pricing.

Check out these links to SONOMA WEST TIMES & NEWS (p. A13) and the WEST COUNTY GAZETTE (p. 57) for stories about the event and pictures of Nalani Genser & Natalie Rogers and Millard Murphy, respectively.

Also, the WINDOW at COPPERFIELD'S USED BOOKS and outside the MASONIC HALL for Makaila Allen's signs and the Transition Style Banner created by the TRANSITION ART BRIGADE.

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